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During pandemic COVID-19, WHO has made wearing masks compulsory to protect against this deadly virus. In this tutorial we will develop a machine learning project – Real-time Face Mask Detector with Python.

Real-Time Face Mask Detector with Python

We will build a real-time system to detect whether the person on the webcam is wearing a mask or not. We will train the face mask detector model using Keras and OpenCV.

Download the Dataset

The dataset we are working on consists of 1376 images with 690 images containing images of people wearing masks and 686 images with people without masks.

Download the dataset: Face Mask Dataset

Download the Project Code

Before proceeding ahead, please download the project source code: Face Mask Detector Project

Install Jupyter Notebook

In this machine learning project for beginners, we will use Jupyter Notebook for the development. Let’s see steps for the installation and configuration of Jupyter Notebook.

Using pip python package manager you can install Jupyter notebook:

					console.log( 'Code is Poetry' );

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